Zen Facial is a holistic approach to beauty and anti-ageing. It is a gentle yet effective technique that releases the tension locked in the face, head and neck, through a deeply rejuvenating facial massage combining the healing modalities from the Eastern therapy and Western science of complementary medicine.  Your Zen Facial starts with a Hara (abdominal) diagnosis to address the underling cause of various conditions through the oriental diagnostic process for lasting results.  

No invasive chemicals nor machines, only pure, quality ingredients are used and after the treatment, any products will be more effective on your restored skin.  It is the most deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience, and you can enjoy a noticeable difference from the very first treatment.  As results speak for itself, Zen Facial has been featured in various publications as one of the most favoured holistic facials. 

Looking and feeling youthful and radiant is only the beginning...  Wake up to a sense of calm, clarity, lightness and joy, leaving you feeling totally refreshed and recharged.  Treat yourself to a blissful journey from head to toe, and enjoy the transformation through your evolving face.   

In the East, beauty has long considered as a reflection of a person’s physical, mental emotional and spiritual health.  You may have noticed the state of a person’s wellbeing simply by looking at their face.  Every face tells a million stories. How would you like to look and feel?