Terms & Policies



If you need to change your appointment, 48 business hours notice is appreciated so we can offer that slot to somebody else.


Less than 24 hours notice, 50% Payment.

missed appointments, 100% fee is applicable.

Thank you for your co-operation.



We appreciate you arriving on time thank you.  If you arrive early, you may want to enjoy a stroll down to the beach... whales and dolphins can be spotted from time to time, a beautiful calming moment.



While you can appreciate a noticeable difference from your first treatment, in order to keep the visible transformation, and to truly benefit from the process of Zen facial, a programme of sequential sessions at the beginning is recommended. This allows your body, the face to maintain the good habit, and once the shift is locked in, the change is there for you to keep. Then it can be followed up with a top up whenever you want...

Every session is aimed to achieve a "shift", and the time and the process involved will differ with each individual - depending on how deep and long the face has carrying the stress, and how much you are able to implement the tools you have gained through the session to "download" your week, and how much you may have "upload" during the course of life.



I am not a medical doctor and do not offer to diagnose or treat specific medical conditions. Information acquired is to help me understand you better for the purposes of Zen Facial treatment only. If you have specific medical or psychological ailments or concerns, please seek advice or treatment from a suitably qualified medical professional.