When I’m back in Australia – I absolutely have to see Fumi Yamamoto at Zen Facial for lymphatic drainage as soon as I’m off the plane.
— Margaret Zhang (via The File)

When I’m in Sydney I see Fumi Yamamoto, an amazing Japanese facialist based in Bronte. She does lymphatic drainage... I walk out feeling depuffed.
— Jessica Gomes (via InStyle Magazine)

I like to go to Fumi for an amazing facial - it’s incredible and you walk out feeling so radiant.
— Jesinta Franklin (via ELLE MAGAZINE)

You know who I love for the face?  Fumi, because I like the massage aspect.  I prefer that because I feel like I get much deeper results
— Miranda Kerr (via Style Nine)

When I’m in Sydney, one of my favourite treats to give myself is having a ‘Zen Facial’ with Fumi Yamamoto. I love everything about her ethos.  Fumi has a very healing and loving way, she is all about appreciating inner beauty and caring for the soul. She has a lovely practice in Bronte.
— Isabel Lucas (via Harper's Bazaar Magazine)

I’m low maintenance with skin care, but I do love seeing Fumi Yamamoto in Sydney - her facials are life-changing.
— Jessica Hart (via ELLE Magazine)

One of my favourite things to do is to visit Fumi at Zen Facial.  She uses her hands to release any tension, stress and jet lag.  You wake up feeling relaxed and have more clarity.  You can take a picture of how you look before and after and you can see a difference.
— Shanina Shaik (via Vogue Magazine)

My secret secret weapon has to be Fumi at Zen Facial in Bronte. She gives me these amazing oils and magical face work for lymphatic drainage - it literally gives you cheekbones.
— Bambi Northwood-Blyth (via Beauticate)

Hands down the best facialist is in Sydney at Zen Facial, Fumi Yamamato. She’s a goddess!
— Rachael Taylor (via STUFF New Zealand)

Zen Facial in Bronte has the most holistic treatments. It’s like a non-surgical facelift.
— Gabrielle Hackworthy (via Moda Familia)

I don’t usually get facials, although I do see Fumi in Bronte and she does a Zen facial – it works from the inside out. she’s incredible. It’s more about the way you feel about yourself and how that radiates through the way you place your face than your standard product-based facial.
— Anna Bamford (via Mama Mia)

I love these oils I get from Fumi - she is the Zen Facial master.
— Cheyenne Tozzi (via Marie Claire Magazine)

I get facials done my Fumi [from Zen Facial], she’s like my God. She makes everything good.
— Megan Blake Irwin (via Pop Sugar)