Holistic Facial in Sydney Australia


Your practitioner to accompany your journey is Fumi Yamamoto.

Fumi integrates the Eastern wisdom and the Western science. She has studied extensively over 10 years, integrating the knowledge and techniques from Eastern therapy and complementary medicine and created Zen Facial, and has clinical experience over 15 years. Qualifications include: Japanese remedial diagnostic Yoga, Zen Shiatsu, Meridian therapy, Aromatherapy, Myofascial release, Cranio Sacral therapy, Lymphatic drainage, Reflexology and Neurological repatterning. She is accredited with ATMS.

Fumi was born in Japan, and has lived and worked internationally - she speaks fluent English, and a little bit of Australian.

"I feel very lucky doing what I love - through my work, I get to meet with many beautiful people. People often come and see me when they cannot find themselves when they look into the mirror... or just having that feeling of being bogged down in their daily lives... or simply when they don't feel beautiful anymore...

I look forward to the moment we share when the treatment is finished... as we look into the mirror as the mask is unveiled... and seeing my client’s eyes brighten up with a joy when they are able to rediscover themselves again..."

"My intention is to be the facilitator for your journey, creating a safe environment where you can spend the time and space all to your self, a space where you can go deep inside, accessing your own healing abilities."